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Sample 1

  • SAMPLE 1
    Designed and produced page and graphics for Hudson (WI) Star-Observer.
    -Tim Montgomery
  • Sample 2

  • SAMPLE 2
    Designed and produced page on presidential visit for Hudson (WI) Star-Observer.
    -Tim Montgomery
  • Sample 3a

  • SAMPLE 3
    Designed and produced this simulated color doubletruk centerfold of commemorative photos of President Bush's visit
  • Sample 3b

    to Hudson, WI. Edited photos and wrote copy for cutlines and pull-quotes.

    -Tim Montgomery
    Sample 5

  • SAMPLE 5
    Designed and produced centerpiece art, including photo-illustration and typography and paginated daily Sports sections for the St. Paul Pioneer Press
  • Sample 6

  • SAMPLE 6
    Designed and produced lead photo-illustration and paginated this and other regular special Sports sections for the St. Paul Pioneer Press
  • Sample 7

  • SAMPLE 7
    Hmong Free Press
    Designed, edited and produced most issues of this monthly multilingual ethnic newspaper.

    -Tim Montgomery
  • Sample 8

  • SAMPLE 8
    Hmong in Thailand
    Designed, edited and produced this special multilingual report tabloid.
    -Tim Montgomery
  • Sample 9

  • SAMPLE 9
    Business Trends
    Designed, edited and produced this quarterly business newsletter of the Hmong Chamber of Commerce.

    -Tim Montgomery
  • Sample 10

  • SAMPLE 10
    U of M
    Designed and produced this publication of the U of M BioTechnology Institute for presentation of study findings to the Minnesota State Legislature.

    -Tim Montgomery
  • Sample 11

  • SAMPLE 11
    Biotechnology Gateway
    Designed, produced cover art, and wrote and edited all content for this biannual news magazine of the University of Minnesota BioTechnology Institute.

    -Tim Montgomery
  • Sample 12

  • SAMPLE 12
    Finance & Commerce
    Designed and produced cover illustration and designed and composited all pages for this special Energy section.

    -Tim Montgomery